Who We Are

Who We Are

If you are taking the time to read this page. 1. you’re awesome and 2. you may appreciate why you are here even more.

The Painted Flame LLC was created in 2016 by the owner Nicole who was born and raised in central NJ. The Painted Flame originally started as a candle making hobby for gifts for friends and family. Nicole soon realized it was something she wanted to pursue further.

The story goes deeper then making candles. There were a few things that were motivation and inspiration points that Nicole felt she wanted to share with others. Nicole has worked in the paint industry since 2009 and has since been a color consultant and a paint expert. Surrounded by paint colors, witty paint color names and paint cans. Inspired by those she met and a few stories of why customers were repainting, it all made sense. (Nicole was not just a consultant, sometimes it felt like she was a therapist that didn’t get paid like one) In line with her job, personal events of a loved one being a drug addict and going to rehab, relapsing and just watching a downward spiral of mental disorder really hit as a main reason to bring The Painted Flame to light. Nicole wants to bring happiness, positivity, and inspiration to others through the scenses. Paint cans represent new life, change, and mood in such a small way but can do wonders when you want to escape a temperary rough patch in life. Nicole is always open about her experiences in life and has been dealt a shitty hand but always rises above anything thrown her way. Since summer of 2019, Nicole did just that. Rose above everything that was taking her down. This also brought new thought processes about business.

Starting 2020, life was starting¬† new, fresh, happy and motivated. Nicole wants to bring her new found love of life to you and bring her charm, sarcasm, wittiness, humor, and sass to her products because they are sure to make others smile or atleast laugh and say “Oh My God!”

The Painted Flame has no shame in cursing so please, lets get real, live a little, because we don’t give a shit what someone thinks.

We will be bringing new handmade items within popular themes that can decorate all rooms in your home and yourself.

The Painted Flame is where creativity meets living and its time to live!